Overcoming the Stigma of Drug Addiction from Family and Friends with Education You’re working hard to overcome your addiction, and you need the support of family and friends. There’s a stigma surrounding substance abuse, and people in your life may not understand addiction. Knowing the causes of alienation, how to educate family and friends,…

How to Set Boundaries in Recovery The failure to set boundaries in recovery is one of the biggest threats to those with a history of substance use disorder. Loose boundaries can allow others to negatively influence your behavior or take advantage of your situation. Setting boundaries early on in your recovery will help you stay…

What is K2? Spice, synthetic marijuana, and K2 are all street names for synthetic cannabinoids. To create K2, dried leaves are sprayed with man-made chemicals that bind to cannabinoid receptors in the brain like marijuana. Click through to read more about what it is, why it’s dangerous, and how Lancaster is impacted by it.

There are so many misconceptions surrounding addiction that it can sometimes be easy to make incorrect assumptions about the people who struggle with it. Falling into this trap is only intensified by people’s inexperience with the causes of addiction and the corresponding inability to understand that no one chooses this kind of life. The reasons…

Alcohol and substance abuse are touchy topics to begin with, but having a conversation with a teenager about them can be downright unnerving.

Finding the right treatment center for drug/alcohol addiction is vital to your recovery. Follow these guidelines to find an effective addiction center.

When someone in your home is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it can add stress to the entire household; not only emotionally but financially, as well.

Outpatient therapy for alcohol and other drugs doesn’t require 24-hour care at a specialized facility. Instead, it offers treatment and support from professional counselors while you live at home or in a recovery-focused residence. For many people recovering from addiction, it’s a way to receive quality therapy without being away from work, school, or family.

With the grand opening on Monday, Feb. 12, 2018, the Gate House now runs six transitional living locations accommodating men and women separately throughout Lancaster County in addition to its Behavioral Health Services center on North Cherry Street in Lancaster city.

You deserve to live a life free from the stress and pain of abuse. And understanding the warning signs that indicate you’re being abused by an addicted person is the first step on the journey toward a healthier life.

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