Case Management

At The Gate House, we believe that follow-up services and a comprehensive after-care program are vital to long-term sobriety. For this reason, we have implemented case management services in our residential extended care program. Case management services allow for clients to develop a collaborative relationship with a credentialed professional in addition to their primary counselor.


During a client’s stay at our residential extended care program, they will meet with the case manager at least three times. These vital times include within 7 days of admission, during the middle of their treatment stay, and one week prior to completion of the program. Clients are also able and encouraged to directly communicate with the case manager as needed throughout their treatment stay. The case manager works with clients to coordinate, plan, and evaluate service options available which may include but are not limited to GED preparation, CareerLink, and Job Club. The case manager also assists clients with such things as acquiring identification and helps to link clients with appropriate providers such as primary care physicians, eye doctors or dentists.

Upon discharge, the case manager makes contact with clients at one week post discharge, 1 month post discharge, and 3 months post discharge. During this time, the case manager will complete a follow-up questionnaire with clients in order to ascertain any areas a client may need additional help with and if necessary, make appropriate referrals.