Family Component

Addiction is a disease that places significant stress on the entire family. The Family Component at the Gate House for Men was developed to build a support system for family and friends who have loved ones recovering from addiction. We are dedicated not only to the recovery of the substance abuser, but also the recovery and healing of the entire family. Our program recognizes that recovery is crucial for both the family and the recovering individual.


We offer

  • Family education on the disease of addiction and the recovery process.
  • Tools to support the recovery process and maintain healthy boundaries.
  • Supportive ways to stop enabling and dependence issues.
  • Help to diminish fears and manage worry and stress.
  • The opportunity to rebuild trust and mend family relationships.
  • Individual family sessions.
  • Tele-conferences for families unable to travel.

The family component is an avenue to promote recovery for the entire family and begin to develop healthy relationships as a support to both the recovering person and their family. We encourage participation and seek ways to accommodate family and friends outside the local area.

Family group meetings are held on alternate Saturdays at the Men’s and Women’s facilities. For more information on this vital program, please contact our outpatient clinic at 717-393-3215.