Part-Time Transportation Driver

Hours: 12-15 hours per week, PRN

Summary Statement:

This Transportation Driver position has a focus on client transportation, and includes time spent overseeing GateHouse clients and coordinating transportation. Responsible for providing first responder coverage in the event of an emergency involving the clients. The Transportation Driver offers a positive relationship, sets a good example, communicates an attitude of concern, listens, and displays a real belief in the Gate House philosophy.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Coordinate transportation by driving clients to and from appointments, meetings, and other community functions, as directed by the Clinical Directors.
Help transport to recreational activities in accordance with the GateHouse structure.
Be flexible in accepting other responsibilities designated by either the full-time House Manager or Clinical Director.
Enforce Gate House Guidelines and administer appropriate discipline for guideline violations such as issuing verbal and/or written warnings.
Report Critical Incidents in accordance with policy.


If a person in recovery, minimum abstinence of one year.
Experience with therapeutic environment is mandatory. Must be familiar with drug and alcohol treatment programs.
Must be an approved driver by H.E.A.R. Inc.’s insurance company.
Must complete all required training in accordance with DDAP and CARF regulations.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Must be able to communicate with staff on all levels, especially the on call staff.
Must be able to climb stairs.
Must be able to handle multiple tasks.
Must have knowledge of persons served.
Must be able to drive a passenger van and coordinate client transportation requests with relevant staff members, as requested by the Clinical Supervisors.