“My experience at The Gate House for Women was truly life changing. The safe, structured, and caring environment allowed me to work through my problems with substance abuse and the underlying issues that contributed to them. I’ve been able to not only graduate successfully from their program but re-enter the world with a sense of pride, confidence, accomplishment and the tools to stay sober.”

Pilar X., Client, The Gate House for Women

“The Gate House showed me a new way of life and opened doors I never thought I could walk through. I have totally changed my perspective on my place in the world that we live in. I thank the professionalism and guidance of the staff for everything in my life today.”

John L., Client, The Gate House for Men.

“I graduated from The Gate House in November 2012 and am still clean and sober today. It was an experience that helped me on the journey to change my life. I learned life skills, how to be a responsible adult, and how to build bonds with like-minded women, but also how important these skills would be throughout my recovery.”

Gina B., Client, The Gate House for Women

“The Gate House for Men was by far my best experience in a treatment facility that I have ever had. They provided so many different resources for the transition back into the real world. And also had many staff people who not only were very knowledgeable but also showed genuine concern for the residents. The Gate House taught me how to live my life and how to live life on life’s terms. I am forever grateful for the Gate House and will always remember what they have done for me.”

Brandon C., Client, The Gate House for Men

“The Gate House saved my life. It helped me to understand how to deal with life one day at a time. Through this program, I got in touch with my Higher Power, and due to this soul searching I now live a better lifestyle, a sober lifestyle, and I live it to the fullest without drugs or alcohol. It feels good and I am so grateful.”

Deborah H., Client, The Gate House for Women

“My experience at the Gatehouse far exceeded anything that I could’ve expected, not only for my sobriety, but how I view myself as a member of society. The Gate House provided me with the chance to live a life that I had longed for throughout my addiction. The Gate House also had an excellent family program which helped my loved ones understand my disease and gave them the tools to help themselves. I will be forever grateful to the Gate House staff for their help and care.”

Jon K., Client, The Gate House for Men

“This was the best decision I have ever made. I will never be able to repay what the Gate House has done for me. I truly believe the staff there saved my life. I am forever indebted to the Gate House for showing me how to live a better, happier life sober.”

Dan O., Client, The Gate House for Men