What Is Rehabilitation at The GateHouse 
All About?

Addiction is a vicious cycle that is arduous to break, especially alone. For nearly 50 years, The GateHouse has effectively served thousands of men, women, and families by providing proven, post-rehabilitative treatment services for those struggling with addiction.

Why The GateHouse?

As professionals in the field of human services, we believe the “human” dimension of recovery must take precedence over logistics and process. That is why teaching clients the necessary skills to manage addiction is only part of the battle. The other part is dignifying their fears and validating their struggle … and that is where The GateHouse team shines. 

How do we shine? By effectively combining personal empathy and professional insight to give real meaning to “Restoring the Human Spirit Through Recovery.” 

More Reasons to Trust Our

Rehabilitation Services

There are many reputable resources for alcohol and drug treatment in Central PA, but The GateHouse treatment center focuses on gender-specific care for its clients. Because we recognize that addiction manifests itself differently for men and women, we take the time to analyze and determine exactly what each individual requires, including gender-sensitive challenges that can further complicate an already complicated journey.    

There are no pat answers to such complex challenges, which is why our credentialed experts develop individualized, long-term treatment plans that encompass all aspects of recovery.

Learn more about The GateHouse and discover how we can help you or your loved one overcome the addictive cycle and restore the human spirit through recovery.