Drug and Alcohol Outpatient Treatment Options
(Often Called Outpatient Rehab)

Outpatient Services for Long-Term Recovery

Overcoming drug or alcohol addiction demands a lifelong commitment. Because of this, The GateHouse provides a complete continuum of individualized services for every critical phase of recovery. This includes a graduated range of intensive outpatient programs and general outpatient services for those who have moved back into the community. It is here, in a safe and inviting environment, that clients (and their families) receive the additional treatment they need to stabilize and strengthen their continued journey.

Dedicated to “restoring the human spirit through recovery” for nearly 50 years, The GateHouse has built outpatient programs that provide the means to build a tight support system, strengthen recovery skills, and take advantage of local resources.

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Intensive Outpatient Treatment

The Intensive Outpatient Program at The GateHouse welcomes clients in a home-like environment that resembles our residential and transitional living facilities. In this comfortable space, Intensive Outpatient Program clients are encouraged to:

  • Work on their recovery while still participating in daily life
  • Access family support and education
  • Acquire early recovery skills
  • Learn about relapse prevention
  • Seek referrals to local resources
  • Develop a close-knit support system

Intensive Outpatient Program services provide as much as 10 hours of weekly treatment, including weekly family sessions as necessary.

General Outpatient Treatment

Providing many of the same benefits as Intensive Outpatient but with less frequency, The GateHouse General Outpatient Services provide a welcoming community that focuses on an individual’s personal recovery. In a uniquely supportive group setting, we touch upon many subjects, including:

  • Relapse prevention
  • Coping skills
  • Issues related to gender
  • Co-occurring disorders
  • 12-step program involvement
  • Maintaining long-term recovery

Schedule and frequency of services are based on client needs.

Held at our Behavioral Health Outpatient Center, these levels of care give our clients the perfect place to reconnect to the recovery community and maintain the skills, relationships, and mindset to stay connected.

Partial Hospitalization Treatment (PHP)

In addition to our two most well-known non-residential programs, Intensive Outpatient services and Outpatient services, The GateHouse now offers Partial Hospitalization Treatment services, commonly known as PHP, for those who require more intensive personalized recovery treatment.

PHP consists of 22 hours of intensive therapy per week. Clients attend group sessions four days per week for five hours per day, along with two private sessions per week as part of their individualized therapy.

PHP is ideal for those who have completed inpatient or residential treatment for substance use disorder and are ready to step down to a structured level of care as they transition to independent living. The GateHouse can schedule an assessment within 48 hours of a phone call.

Beds are available through GateHouse Transitional Living (GTL) for participants in need of housing while attending PHP.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, please contact us today, or click below to determine which services might be right for you.