Residential Treatment Centers in Lancaster County for Those with
Drug or Alcohol Addictions

At The GateHouse, our mission is to promote long-term sobriety by re-dedicating ourselves every day to restoring the human spirit through recovery. With this as our guiding principle, our residential treatment centers welcome clients to a safe, community-based program where licensed professionals apply their considerable insight and skills to advance the journey to recovery.

The average length of stay in our residential program is three to six months for those who have already completed primary detoxification or rehabilitation. During that time, residents learn about barriers to recovery while practicing life skills and connecting with local 12-step groups.

What to Expect upon Arrival at One of Our Residential Treatment Centers

At The GateHouse, residential treatment unfolds in three phrases so that residents can fully understand what to expect during each period of recovery.


Phase 1 begins as the individual settles into their The GateHouse residence after detox or rehab. Upon arrival, a daily schedule is created that includes individual and peer group counseling sessions, recreational activities, health and nutrition education, life skills, and spirituality lectures. During this initial phase, residents work to establish a relationship with their counselor, and together, they develop personal goals that will help guide treatment during this phase.


After meeting their initial treatment goals, residents move on to Phase 2, where they begin venturing back into daily life activities. To fully prepare them for this all-important transition, we work on life skills, vocational skills, and locating valuable community resources that can be accessed once they’re out of residential treatment. Our specialists also delve deeper into personal priorities, values, and beliefs in order to further accountability, insight, and the prospects of a stable life in the outside world.


During this last phase of in-house treatment, our recovery specialists work with each client to plan for their future in the community. Applying the life and vocational skills gained in Phase 2, we assist each person in developing a discharge plan that incorporates relapse prevention skills, budgeting, housing, outpatient services, and support networks that are critical to long-term success.

Upon completion of on-site residential treatment, many residents move to one of The GateHouse Transitional Living homes in the community, where they can benefit from continued support as they prepare to transition to independent living. 

To learn more about The GateHouse and our continuum of services, please contact us today.