The GateHouse Alumni Association


Support Built on the Joy of Recovery

The type of support you receive after finishing your drug or alcohol treatment plan plays an important role in your long-term recovery. At The GateHouse, we offer many different types of follow-up care, such as transitional recovering housing and ongoing case management. There is also our Alumni Association, which ensures our clients always have a go-to support group.

The Alumni Association is open to anyone that has spent at least one night at any of The GateHouse facilities in Lancaster County and allows for previous residents of any of our programs and their friends to gather and experience ongoing fellowship and support.

The Power of Peer Support

Members of the association also work with current residents and make it a point to visit both the women’s and men’s homes once a month. During these meetings, select alumni tell their story, speaking about the positive experiences they’ve had with The GateHouse and how our staff helped them learn how to maintain their recovery while developing a support system.

Additionally, our alumni are frequently asked to speak at the Annual Board of Directors Dinner Meeting to share their testimonies about The GateHouse staff. It gives them a chance to share their own personal recovery journey to a larger audience.

An Environment of Fun

While we function as an additional support system, we also want to host fun activities for our members. Each year, we host an annual softball tournament fundraiser where we involve not only our alumni and their friends, but the community as well. All funds go to the Alumni Association so that we can continue to give current residents the ability to see and experience the joys of recovery.


If you are a previous resident of The GateHouse and are interested in joining our Alumni & Friends Association, we meet on the first Wednesday of each month at The GateHouse Behavioral Health Outpatient Center, located at 817 N. Cherry Street in Lancaster. Please click below to complete an application and read our bylaws. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to Steph P. at or (610) 241-0889.