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People in recovery aren’t always ready to re-enter society right after they’ve detoxed or gone through a 30-day program. That’s why The GateHouse offers two residential after-care options—Residential Extended Care (REC) and GateHouse Transitional Living (GTL). These solutions offer post-detox clients a warm and welcoming home, where they can work on their recovery under the supportive care of professionals who understand the unique challenges they face. As they begin to integrate back into their communities as functional and contributing members of society, The GateHouse helps them maximize their full potential and learn to make positive, self-affirming decisions for their future.

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Residential Extended Care

At The GateHouse, our mission is to promote long-term sobriety by re-dedicating ourselves every day to restoring the human spirit through recovery. With this as our guiding principle, our Residential Extended Care (REC) homes welcome clients to a safe, community-based program where licensed professionals apply their considerable insight and skills to advance the journey to recovery.

The average length of stay in our REC program is three to six months for those who have already completed primary detoxification or rehabilitation. During that time, residents learn about barriers to recovery while practicing life skills and connecting with local 12-step groups.

GateHouse Transitional Living

The most important requirement for GateHouse Transitional Living is employment and a desire to continue to remain in recovery. You must either have a job upon entering one of our GTL homes or you must have gotten one within two weeks of staying there.

We invite you to check out our picturesque transitional residences located throughout Lancaster City. Each one provides a calm, serene environment for recovery.

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